It’s Elementary Periodic Table Soap

$7.50 (as of January 28, 2020, 8:01 pm)

Get geeky clean and wash yourself with some raw elements. From base metals to radioactive metals, all are available (radioactive element soaps glow in the dark!). Ginger Lime scented and hypoallergenic. Collect all soaps from Hydrogen to Ununoctium (periodic table for reference).

These Periodic Table Soaps are sure to be a hit with all – from science buffs, to mad scientists, to chemical engineers, and to geeks – everyone will love these soaps. Each Element Soap weighs a full 4 ounces, is lightly scented with our ginger lime fragrance and is packed in a clear 3 x 3 inch gift box. Radioactive Elements Glow in the dark (Uranium glows green, Plutonium glows aqua, Radium glows blue, Radon glows purple) by simply exposing them to light or sunlight for a few minutes and then placing them in a dark room. The soaps are all handcrafted in the USA & Hypoallergenic. They conform to vegan standards too – NOT tested on Animals. This is a fun gift for all kids from 1-118!

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